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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I've said it before and I'll say it again. MAC has a phenomenal Matte formula on their hands. I have yet to stumble across one that I didn't absolutely love. Diva is no exception...but I might love it just a tad more...

MAC's official description for Diva is an "intense reddish burgundy" which is pretty accurate. Its quite dark and vampy, but does have those red tones that make it just a bit more wearable; Its vampy for those who like the vampy look, but are trying to ease into it. I wore this shade for a party themed "Old Hollywood" and it was a perfect fit, while being a bit different than the route most others chose. 

I own several MAC Mattes and have yet to have a complaint. They do not cause drying in my lips (in which mine are average/sensitive) and have a very subtle understated creaminess to them. They're most definitely matte, no shimmer or sheen about them, but its almost a modern matte, in that it doesn't look like I stole my grandmother's lipstick. Neither did I use a lipliner with this, and I experienced no feathering whatsoever. 

The wear time is really the showstopper for this shade. Once applied, it required no upkeep for the duration of the event and beyond, even when faced with beverages. It stayed until I chose to take it off, about 6 hours later, and came off quite easily with makeup remover, leaving only a minimal stain. 

When it comes to deep reds such as Diva, I'm most definitely not a stranger, but this one does stand out a bit against the rest of my collection. 

From left to right there are;

MAC Diva

Wet N Wild Cherry Bomb - This one had a very similar finish, but was a bit cooler toned and more purple. Diva has a bit more brown in it.

Rimmel Kate Moss 101 - This shade shared the "modern matte" finish, but had inferior wear time. It is also a touch less intense.

MAC Viva Glam 1 - This was my iconic holiday lip for 2012. Its most definitely matte, but is closer to a true, blue based red and much less intense than Diva.

And across the bottom because I ran out of room, Revlon Lip Butter in Red Velvet. - Which is much sheerer and closer to Viva Glam 1 than anything. Its a good transition shade.



 - Phenomenal color payoff
 - Did not feather
 - Long wear time
 - Non drying


- ?
- ?
- ?

Obviously, I'm quite satisfied with this one. Satisfied enough to recommend it.


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  1. Those are some amazing dupe you found :)


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