Review - NYX Nude Matte Eyeshadow in Confession

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Shout out to those special products in my stash that have been deemed "compliment getters". This, my friends, is the newest inductee.

If my memory serves me correctly, the Nude Matte range by NYX was introduced sometime in 2012, and I'm just now getting around to picking some of these up. I chose this shade, Confession along with another called Skinny Dip.

Confession is a deep olive green matte with a hint of brown to it. The shade in and of itself is flawless, I'm Irish, so greens are quite flattering on me, if I do say so myself. The formula however, is what really wows me.

This thing is like butta! So incredibly soft and pigmented, but only gave me a teensy bit of fallout (only in application) when I wasn't being careful. I wore this over MAC Haux with Urban Decay Snakebite in the crease and I lost count of the compliments I got on my makeup that day. Its a nice take on a neutral tone and it made my pale blue eyes SING!



- Great pigmentation.
- Blended well.
- Soft application.
- Average wear, no early creasing.
- Neutral but not neutral.


- Little bit of fallout in application if you're rough with it.

Overall I'm pretty much thrilled. Greens are lacking in my collection; I don't know why. For someone with Auburn hair, that ship should have already sailed! I love this little green dude.

9.5/10 - Recommended. 

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