Mini Darling Girl Cosmetics Haul and First Impressions

Monday, April 8, 2013

I have only 2 loose pigment products in my collection. 2! If you were aware of the extent of my collection as a whole, the number should shock you!

I've recently stumbled across Darling Girl Cosmetics through Tumblr and a few other beauty blogs that I keep up with; The company was offering a "blogger kit" - 5 press samples for a dollar to bloggers, so I purchased one of their eyeshadows and was happy to partake!

The blogger sample kit arrived housed in a cute little sleeve with the company's logo. I selected two shadows and two blushes, along with a lipgloss.

High Tea Eyeshadow

Heaving Bosom Eyeshadow (From the "Matte I'd Like To Find collection. MILF. Get it? Tee hee!)

Purple Haze DuoChrome Blush (And I apologize for the wonky photo, I've had far too much caffeine today!)

Yes, Virginia! Soft Focus Blush

Makeup Junkie Lipgloss, Which I can no  longer find on the site. I will edit the post when I figure that out!

I also purchased an eyeshadow in a mini size!

The eyeshadow was sent in a cute little zebra bag with the company's logo.

The shade that I chose is London Fog. It is housed in a small jar with a 5 holed sifter. And little did I know, the company was going to include 2 more samples! Yay!



Included was both the company's business card and a Darling Girl logo sticker - Too cute!

The owner of the company herself also included a small thank you note on my receipt. This is one of the things I enjoy about independent brands. When was the last time I got a handwritten note from MAC thanking me for spending my money? Hmm???

Overall, I'm super stoked to dive in and try these! The whole process up to now has been very positive; the company itself has phenomenal customer service. That alone makes me want to order from them again; and I haven't even tried the product. I will be testing and hopefully reviewing most of these products this week!

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