Review - MAC Blush in Dame

Thursday, April 11, 2013

As of late, I've really tried to hold off on buying blushes that are less than unique shades; or at least buying more dupeable shades at a drugstore pricepoint and saving my money, while splurging on more unique shades and textures.

That being said, Dame doesn't look all too unique at first glance. Its a pink blush; groundbreaking right? I was, however, pretty pleased that I finally picked this up because it gives me what most pink blushes can't. 

Dame is built up on the right and blended out on the left. MAC describes this shade as a "Sophisticated blue-pink with a Satin finish". The "blue-pink" part of that description is really the deciding factor for me. I purchased this blush because I find that a lot of my pink blushes lack that strong cool tone, something that Dame is known for. Dame is a light to medium pink on my skin and the strong cool tones still do shine through, something I actually really needed in my collection. I have lavenders, lilacs, fuchsias, you name it, but I just really didn't have a plain pink that was neither neutral or warm toned. 

Given the cooler tones in this shade, it is stunning on my skin (NW15 for reference). I found that I can sheer it out to look completely natural and lit from within, or I can build it up for a bit of a punch. 

While I've yet to meet a MAC blush finish that I haven't liked, I find that the satin finish is among the most versatile. Theres no microglitter (but I haven't even found a frost with bothersome microglitter yet) instead more of a healthy sheen. It feels like if you mixed a frost and a matte and what you were left with had the best qualities of both. Dame did have great pigmentation and blendability for being a lighter shade. The only downside is that the wear time of this shade was nothing to write home about. Average, but nothing phenomenal. 



- Strong cool tones
- Natural finish without being completely matte
- Good pigmentation and blendability.


- Average wear time
- May not work on all skin tones.

I'm glad that I purchased this shade, even though I thought it would be incredibly dupeable - it really turns out that it isn't. I find this to be incredibly versatile in my collection and, believe it or not, something I really needed. If you're fair and cool toned, Go for it!


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  1. well, i've got two macs powder blush - well dressed and dame, and i'm so glad that i bought it! it's perfect for my skin tone (nw10).


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