Review - Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoo Metal Cream Gel Shadow in Inked In Pink.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

To this day, I'm not entirely certain if the Color Tattoo Metal range is limited edition or not; which is why I needed to get my review posted sooner rather than later. I'm no stranger to the Color Tattoos in general, and  when I saw Inked In Pink, I knew I needed it in my collection.

Pinks, for eyeshadows, are very lacking in my collection. Either they are akin to a center of the sun hot pink that I don't use all too much, or they only look pink in the pan and translate either champagne or rose gold on the eye. It's quite a struggle.

So...Inked In Pink wasn't exactly as pink as I had anticipated it. I don't know what it is, but I have a feeling that since my skin has such strong pink undertones to begin with, that I'm wondering if that is why it is a struggle for me to find pinks that actually look pink against my skin. Who knows.

Given, I wanted something pinker, this definitely did give a nice, rosey champagne finish against my lid. I wore Inked In Pink as a base with Too Faced Kiss the Bride on the lid and Urban Decay Buck in the crease for a springtime look that wasn't completely neutral. The look lasted all day without creasing and did not fade or dull out. I really enjoy using the Color Tattoo range as bases; each one I've tried has given me phenomenal wear time and added a lot of vibrancy to my looks. They are also easy to blend but do not have a ridiculous dry time; there's a healthy medium.



- Longwearing.
- Blends and applies easily.
- Phenomenal base.


- Reads much more neutral on the eye than in the pan.

If you're looking for a good subtly colored base, this shade is definitely worth checking out. I'm quite impressed with this range as a whole, so I'm very excited that they keep expanding the shades. 


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  1. These are a great product and this color is amazing!



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