Review - Smashbox Double Ended Lip Enhancing Gloss in Luxe/Catwalk. - ULTA Exclusive.

Friday, April 19, 2013

This product available exclusively to ULTA and it seems to be for a limited time. When I asked where these were, they were held at the cash wrap and the cashier said "I think we might have some left" which leads me to believe that my location was running low on them. If you're super stoked on these, I'd go sooner rather than later to look for one. They retail for $10 (sale price according to ULTA, and they normally go for $30) and are available in three different color options. It bears mentioning that these shades are not available separately in a full size.

Did I need it? No. But what a phenomenal deal! And I do actually very much like Smashbox's gloss formula.

The product has a gloss on each end and the lid, for all intents and purposes, in the middle. It's not 100% certain which is Luxe and which is Catwalk, but being that the "Luxe/Catwalk" sticker is printed on the bottom of the shimmery shade with the Smashbox logo on it, I'm going to infer that the shimmery shade is Luxe and the Peachy Pink shade is Catwalk. 


Luxe is a pearly, pale, peachy pink. Out of the two shades, this one was my favorite. Its quite sheer, but when I wore this by itself it was very flattering on the lips. The shimmer made my lips appear full and pouty. The shade wore about 2 hours before it was completely gone, and as with normal wear for Smashbox glosses, was lightweight and not sticky in the least. 


Catwalk is a very sheer baby pink with strong peach tones to it. It wasn't all to apparent on my lips, but it gave me a little bit more of a "something" than wearing a clear gloss. I think it would fare much better as a layering shade. It had the same consistency, sans glitter, as Luxe, but the wear time was a tad shorter.



- Both are great layering shades.
- Luxe had an average wear time.
- Luxe was particularly very flattering.
- No stickiness 
- Very subtle vanilla fragrance - smells like ice cream!


- Catwalk was quite sheer.
- Catwalk had a shorter wear time.

This isn't my first go at these - I have the Aura/Mulberry gloss duo from a while back (discontinued), so I already kind of knew what I was getting myself into. Smashbox has one of my favorite gloss formulas, due to the consistency, but I feel like Catwalk could have had some more color payoff to it. Overall, I really want to reiterate that if you want one, don't wait. I don't think these are going to stick around much longer, and again, it is ULTA Exclusive. 

The Lip Enhancing Gloss Range is available in full sizes as well, just not in any of the shades in the duos.


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