Review - Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede Lipstick in Silhouette

Sunday, April 7, 2013

I'm a sucker for a matte lip, across the board, but I find that a whole lot of drugstore ranges are very lacking in them. Not to say they don't exist (Revlon themselves to have a few mattes in the Super Lustrous range) but most of the time, the formula leaves a lot to be desired (Stormy Pink? UGH.) Now, I understand that the Ultimate Suede range was not 100% marketed as a matte formula, but it sure as heck lacks any kind of shine, so in my opinion they are definitely mattes. And, erm, lets just say that my search for a flawless drugstore matte option is still on; this range isn't it.

The Ultimate Suede lipsticks are housed in a tube that is color coordinated to the actual shade itself and has a clear cap, allowing you to see the actual product. The lipstick retracts 100% into the tube and has a clicking noise when you raise/lower the product.

The swatch of Silhouette above is a few passes. Silhouette is a light baby pink; nothing groundbreaking. At the price point that these were at when I purchased them (they still may also be the same price) I wanted to go with a "safe" shade; one that I knew I would get wear out of (Given, I haven't worn this since I tested it). 

To start with, the pigmentation of this shade is quite lacking. It took some work to build it to opacity, which I'm quite sure, was not what Revlon intended. It wears somewhat creamy for about 30 minutes and then dries down to the matte texture, the Suede texture that Revlon named these for.

The major claims of this range is that they are supposed to be longwearing and moisturizing. For me, it was a no on both fronts. The wear was seriously lacking after two hours and the formula actually flaked off of my lips. I can wear some of the driest mattes on the market with no trouble, so this was most definitely not the norm for me! I was very unhappy!



- Decent shade range.


- Lack of pigment.
- Short wear time.
- Very drying.

I've toyed with the thought of trying a deeper shade to see if the wear is improved, but at $10 a pop for a drugstore lipstick; it better be flawless. I'd rather splurge the extra $5 and get a matte from MAC; whose formula has proven successful for me. If you must try this range, avoid the lighter colors; They're not worth it.

3/10 - Nope.

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  1. I was going to buy this shade, glad I didn't now!


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