Review - MAC Baking Beauties Pearlmatte Face Powder in Pink Buttercream.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Okay so maybe I'm a sucker for a good presentation. This product can be added to the "I didn't really need it, but its really pretty so I bought it" list..and incidentally is getting longer and longer. But really, look at this thing and tell me it isn't just gorgeous!

Its almost too pretty to use; I just don't want to disturb the design. However, I've gotten confirmation from my local MAC counter that the design runs through the entire product, so you're not going to run out of the periwinkle leaves at the top when you're done with the first layer. The only overspray in this is the silver around the edges.

MAC describes Pink Buttercream as a "light silvery pink base with dark pink flowers and periwinkle leaves". It does lean a bit more pale pink than any of my highlighting products of the same type and, as you can see from the photo, is a good shade for my skin. It's very cool toned, as my natural tone is, so it applies very naturally on me! It isn't the most pigmented highlighting product I have, but in turn its much easier to not overdo this one. The wear time was a little better than what I expected; it stuck around a goof 5 hours before being noticeably faded.



- Fantastic option for those with very fair to fair skin and cool undertones.
- Great presentation, beautiful to look at.
- Finely milled, no glitter.
- Design runs through the product; not an overspray.


- Pigmentation could be stronger.

I was thrilled as to how this shade reacted against my skin. Given it's cooler tones, I can definitely find myself getting a whole lot of use out of this.


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  1. I love the look of this it's almost too pretty to use!


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