Review - Hard Candy Flat To Fab Mascara

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Even despite all of my precaution and Vitamin C I've been pumping into my system, I've managed to catch the cold that is going around my place of work. That brings the grand total of times I've been sick in 2013 to three! Which is crazy, because I basically never get sick. I need to start carrying Lysol with me or something. (Man, I wish that was socially acceptable!) Either way, I'm sniffley and all around icky. Not fun.

In unrelated news, I actually received this Mascara in my Easter Basket this year - yes, I'm 22 and still enjoy the childhood joys of the Easter basket. =p Candy and makeup; could my mom - erm, I mean the Easter Bunny! - know me any better?

Hard Candy does well on the packaging front. The mascara is housed in a cylindrical tube with the brand's iconic girly touches.

Flat to Fab is a behemoth of a mascara; its big and purple, which actually kind of helps me find it in my makeup bag on a daily basis. (Since there are 4 mascaras floating around my daily makeup bag right now. 4! I seriously need to do some organizing!)

The brush on this bad boy is actually pretty big. However in this case the big brush is not synonymous with difficult to use. I found that the brush itself, which is kind of a hourglass shape in a way, applied mascara quite evenly on my lashes across the board. There was no clumping, which was one of the claims of this product (gotta love it when brands deliver on their claims!) The very tip of the wand is slightly rounded so I'm able to get my lashes toward my tear duct. 

The formula of this mascara is actually something that I really like; it dries down nicely without clumping (I don't like wet formula mascaras; they always clump on me) but does not not turn flaky. The formula is meant to be both volumizing and curling. While it isn't the most volumizing formula that I've run into, it gives my lashes good definition and length. On the curling front, it actually does hold a curl quite well without having to curl my lashes, which I often neglect (another claim delivered!). It doesn't curl quite as much as The Body Shop's Big and Curvy Mascara - reviewed here, but it does it's job an has a much more palatable price tag - $18 versus $7.

My only complaint is actually partially strange. This formula actually kind of stung my eyes when it accidentally touched my eye. I'm normally not too incredibly sensitive to mascara, but it could be that I just don't poke myself in my eye very much.

Overall - 

- Delivers on two major claims - Didn't clump and curled my lashes without a curler.
- Cute packaging
- Brush is easier to use than it would seem

- Formula stung my eyes a bit.

I try so many mascaras a year; I never feel the need to repurchase one because there is constantly new to try. However, this is most definitely added to my "good" list.


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