Review - The Body Shop Eye Color in Spearmint.

Friday, April 19, 2013

I purchased this product a while back on a separate sale that The Body Shop was running, but it is currently 25% off on the brand's website, and I presume in store as well!

Since I have so many neutrals in my makeup stash, I occasionally force myself to buy colors that are out of my comfort zone. Though I don't recall the details of the sale that prompted me to buy this shade, I do remember picking up another shade (which has since been discontinued) as well as a body butter (or three).  On an unrelated note; I can't get enough body butter in general. They are a total weakness for me!

Spearmint is a mint green with strong blue tones to it, almost leaning into an icy teal sort of territory. I didn't have anything in my collection like this, minus the matte mint shade from the LORAC Mint palette, which I find myself wearing with this shade quite a bit.

The texture to this shadow is different than most; it has a sponge-y yet solid texture that is incidentally, quite difficult to explain. My thought to the texture is that it probably feels this way due to the infusion of Namibian Marula Oil; from this, the shadow is meant to have moisturizing qualities without creasing, etc. 

This shade is one of those "swatches better than it applies" shades, but definitely not the worst I've come across. With a flat, synthetic brush, I was able to get almost true to pan intensity. The wear time was slightly below average for me, even wearing this over MAC Painterly as a base. I assume this is due to the Marula Oil and the fact that I have naturally oily lids. Thankfully, it didn't really crease, but rather just faded. It was still a bit of a bummer.

One thing that bears mentioning is The Body Shop's ethics; all of their products are cruelty free and use fair trade natural ingredients from all around the world. - Which surprises me, since the brand is owned by none other than L'Oreal.



- Unique texture, good color payoff.
- Infused with natural moisturizing ingredients. 
- Cruelty free and fair trade.


- Less than stellar wear time; faded somewhat quickly.

I firmly believe that this product would fare better on someone with less oily lids than mine, but the Marula Oil coupled with my skin time made for quick fading. If you have drier lids, give these a shot.


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