Review - MAC Cremesheen Glass in Deelight

Saturday, April 13, 2013

This was the first product that I purchased from MAC; about three years ago at that. It was the spark that started a nearly obsessive fire.

As I went on MAC's site this evening to double check that this was still available, I was having trouble finding it - I had a mini heart attack because I couldn't seem to locate it! Turns out I've just had far too much cold medicine and it was literally right in front of my face. But I hope MAC never decides to discontinue this shade; its a staple of mine!

Cremesheen Glasses are housed in a longer tube than the Lipglasses and retail for $20 rather than $15; they do, however, contain less product. Color me fooled; I thought there was more product this entire time! As you can see, I'm down to the bare minimum of this shade and the lettering on the packaging is beginning to wear off.

Cremesheen Glasses also have an average doe foot applicator.

MAC calls Deelight a "mid-tone neutral". It is a rosy, beige-y mauve shade that is in fact very neutral; it does not lean either cool or warm toned.  In turn it literally goes with ANYTHING! I've worn this when I was wearing a t-shirt and jeans on my way to the grocery store, glammed up for a evening out with my friends, and even for job interviews. No wonder its almost gone!

The formula of the Cremesheen Glasses does differ from that of the Lipglasses. I find it to be a much thinner - and in turn less sticky - formula. However, with the thinner consistency comes a shorter wear time. I've been able to milk this shade for 2 hours before it was totally gone, but I usually find myself reapplying sooner. 

I'm glad that this formula does not react the same way on my lips as the Cremesheen Lipstick formula. Usually, Cremesheens parch my lips of any moisture (minus Outrageously Fun) but I had no such problem with the gloss take on Cremesheen. I have two other Cremesheen Glasses, Going Casual and Color Saturation, and the formula is consistent with Deelight.



- Neutral shade, wearable on a wide array of skin tones.
- Thin, non sticky consistency.
- Does not dry out my lips.


- Shorter wear time

I'm starting to have to do a bit of work to get the product out of the tube. When its time to add this to my Back 2 MAC stash, I'll definitely replace it. Deelight has done me well and is a staple in my collection. 


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