Review - Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoo Cream Gel Shadow in Bad To The Bronze.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

I can't kick this doggone cold, no matter how hard I try! Yuck! Between all the Zicam, Airborne and cold meds that I'm taking, you think I would be feeling much better by now! So frustrating!

I actually wore this product today because I needed something fast, easy and still polished. I have quite a few of the Maybelline Color Tattoos, but Bad To The Bronze may just be my favorite.

I had to photograph it before I allowed myself to mess with it. So perfect. 

I feel the need to begin by noting that it was a total pain in the tushie to photograph a swatch of. In person, the shade is very opaque, cooler toned and has a depth of color to it. It is actually a very stunning shade. It is a medium to cooler toned take on bronze, which I greatly appreciated. This shade is very similar to shades like Urban Decay Sidecar or the Pewter shade from the Lorac Pro Palette. I've used this product with both shades as well as by itself and it is stunning.

The application of this shade was fantastic. I could apply and blend with my finger if I chose with no issue, but I did like the opacity and precision that my UD Good Karma Shadow brush provided. This shade goes on opaque without much work, but blends like a dream and doesn't take too long to set. It wore all day without any kind of fading or creasing - The brand claims 24 hours, which is kind of ridiculous since I wouldn't even want to wear my makeup that long - but it was still a longwearing product by my standards.



- Longwearing
- Stunning color
- Applies very easily
- Blends well
- Can  be used as a base or as a shadow - excels at both.


- None!

I put of purchasing this shade for so long because I felt that I wouldn't get use out of it. Boy was I wrong! 

10/10 - I definitely recommend this shade!

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