Review - Pixi Correction Concentrate

Thursday, April 18, 2013

I took a day of leave from the blogging world yesterday to get some much needed errands accomplished, since I had a day off from work. I felt so accomplished; even my truck is clean! Well...the inside of my truck. The outside is still probably accumulating more dirt as we speak.

As many of you already know, I spent the better part of the last week and a half sick as a dog with a chest cold. I'm feeling much better; almost back to my old self! That one was a doozy, seeing as I nearly never get sick. Thankfully, I didn't really look as bad as I felt, and I feel like a MAJOR shout out goes to this product right here - the Pixi Correction Concentrate. 

The product is held in a small glass pot with a mint green lid featuring a fairy - pretty darn cute!

The product itself is a salmon-y peach concealer with a medium to medium thick consistency. As you may already know, the peach and salmon tones are meant to neutralize under-eye circles; just as green concealers neutralize blemishes, etc.  It is available in one tone, nothing lighter nor darker, and that worried me just a tad - seeing as I am so fair skinned, I feared that this would be to dark against my skin and thus, not accomplish what it was intended to in the first place, but it worked like a dream!

I apply this after my foundation with a medium sized pointed concealer brush and it blends easily; even without having the product warmed up on my fingertips. I do not have extremely prominent under-eye circles, but they're there and this covers them completely without much work, which leads me to believe that it would also work on those who suffer from dark under-eye circles which are worse than mine. As a habit, I also set this with a powder as I do the rest of my face and thus, have not noticed any creasing or anything of the sort. It bears mentioning that the medium consistency provides a touch less color payoff than I expected, but it can be built up to conceal more.



- Seems to be a very universal shade.
- Blends naturally
- Medium consistency


- May not be pigmented enough for incredibly prominent dark circles.

For a while, it was between this product and Bobbi Brown's take on it; I went cheaper - Pixi at $15 and Bobbi Brown at $23. While I am VERY fond of this product, I may try Bobbi Brown's for good measure - and the fact that there are 4 different peach shades to choose from, ranging from porcelain to deep. While its not a super budget option; Pixi's was cheaper and definitely gets the job done!



  1. I'm so glad you reviewed this! That's great that it works so well for you, I just tried mine today and I really like it so far! I was nervous about spending $15 on an undereye concealer, but it seems like money well spent.

    1. If you're skin tone is similar to mine, which I think it might be, you're going to like it a lot. I was wary about the price too, but since Benefit Boi-ing was such a success for me, and was $7 more expensive, I just dove in. I've worn this nearly every day since I've purchased it, and that is saying something.

    2. Yeah our skin is definitely similar colored, and it really blends in well for me! I haven't tried Boiing yet, but I hope to eventually.


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