Review - Stila Convertible Color in Peony

Monday, April 8, 2013

Please note - I redeemed this product with my Sephora Beauty Insider Points, so this is a trial size. The product is available for purchase in the full size.

I literally cannot keep my Beauty Insider Points in my pocket; the most I've been able to save them is to about 250-300 because I'm a sucker for free stuff. On the plus side, it is a good way to try products that I would not have purchased without giving a trial run to begin with. I've found both great products (Gucci Guilty! LURVE) and not so great products (Apparently Urban Decay doesn't make that great of a face primer..) this way. My latest redemption was the Stila Convertible Color in Peony. 

There was one major thing that bothered me about the initial packaging (and I don't really know if this was on Stila's end or Sephora's) but there was no outer packaging or seal on these. For a cream product, that seemed strange to me. They were, however, concealed from customers in the cash wrap, and I knew these were a new item because they weren't available at my last Sephora trip (I'm in Sephora way too much); I checked mine for any sign of use before applying it (you can definitely tell with cream products!) and it looked flawless. Still, I found that strange.

Peony is a rosy nude shade, a bit lighter and warmer than other shades of the same family (Tarte Exposed, MAC The Perfect Cheek, Clinique Mocha Pink) which sets it apart from what I already had in my collection. It looks a touch cooler toned in the pan than it does in the swatch.

Peony is built up on the left and blended out on the right. The consistency to this is medium, neither too thick or thin, as well as the application. It is not a cream to powder product by any means, but it didn't leave a super dewy finish on my skin, which I liked as I already have oily skin. It blended well without dissapearing; I used the "3 dots and blend" technique to apply this with no problem whatsoever. It does provide a fairly natural flush. On the cheeks, it wore about 5 hours, which is average for me.

Stila Convertible Colors are marketed as "lip and cheek color" (note Lip is first in the description) but on Sephora and Ulta's websites they are organized with the "cheek" products. I usually cannot be bothered to apply anything that is not housed in a lipstick bullet (or something of the like) on my lips, because I feel strange applying it with my fingers and if I have to reapply it in public with a lip brush, its just one extra thing to carry with me. I did test this on my lips, however, and it gave me a decent amount of color without any drying (which surprised me) for about 2 hours; more than I expected. It didn't really have a discernible fragrance or taste.



- Natural flush
- Non dewy finish
- Easy application
- Consistency is neither too thick or thin
- No fragrance/taste
- Was not drying on the lips


- Average to short wear time.

Peony has a great formula, especially if you suffer from oily skin as I do. I've found myself reaching for this a couple times last week to either pair with a super bold lip or to complete one of those "no makeup, makeup looks" because I couldn't be bothered to get dolled up (hey, it was a rough week!). If Stila expands their shade range, I may partake in a full size.


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  1. This sounds lovely, have you tried the Maybelline blushers that are kinda similar, love them!


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