Review - NARS Blush in Sin.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Just a quick heads up, the next week or so will be a bit busy around here; I'll try to keep some momentum going, but if you don't see me for a few days - don't fret! As soon as things level out, posts will be back to normal. That being said; I'm planning on posting my April Favorites as early as this evening for that very reason.

Now onto the good stuff!

Have you ever purchased a product and wondered, "why on Earth did I wait so long to buy this"? That is literally me, right now. NARS Sin has to be not only my favorite new blush, but it is up there with Illamasqua Katie and MAC Full of Joy for one of my favorite blushes EVER.

Here goes by spiel about the rubberized black packaging with a full sized mirror that gets dirty if you even think about using it.

UGH. Look at it! Its even just pretty to look at. Perfect.

On NARS' website, Sin is described as a "berry tone with gold shimmer". It is a cool, mauve-y berry with a golden sheen that does not pull too warm. The blush itself, for that matter, does not pull very warm at all, rather cool (ish) to neutral.

In terms of pigmentation, this shade is on par with Seduction rather than Orgasm. I don't have to do much work to get decent color payoff - I rather prefer using this blush with a lighter colored brush to see how much I'm picking up, since this is such a neutral toned shade. It can be overdone, but this shade was far easier to blend out to tone down than what I've been used to; it was a nice change!

Wear time was the average for me, about 5-6 hours before it faded a bit and at 7-8 hours it was mostly gone.


- Neutral tone; neither too cool or warm.
- Blends quite easily.
- Great pigmentation.
- Average wear time.


- ? Nada!

I'm in love with this blush. Its not a neutral, but its not a statement shade. It isn't super bold, but its not boring or predictable. The neutral tones are why its winning so much with me. This is probably the beginning of an obsession.

10/10. - I SUPER-Recommend this. Love!

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