My MAC Collection - Lips Edition.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

MAC has seen such success because of two reasons; its quality (overall) and its large shade range. The brand is among my favorites and (as you will see) I am quite fond of their lip products.

So sit down, grab a cuppa tea and put your feet up; we'll be here a while.

Lipglosses - I photographed all glosses or gloss like products all together, as I don't have quite as many. They're slowly multiplying!

From left to right;

- Kissable Lipcolour in Enchantee (Limited Edition) - Enchantee is almost a liquid lipstick. Not super long wearing, but better than your average gloss. Given the color is beautiful, but I think the name really sold it for me!

- Cremesheen Glass in Deelight - Reviewed here. The one that started it all; this was my first MAC product. I'm almost out of it and I'll probably have to repurchase it in the upcoming months!

- Dazzleglass Creme in Demure (Limited Edition) - This (along with the next three) was part of the Lavish Rose Lip Set MAC released for Holiday 2012. This shade is among the most unique. At the surface, it looks like a milky, peachy pink gloss, but look closer and it has a lovely blue iridescent sparkle to it. Stunning!

- Cremesheen Glass in Going Casual (Limited Edition) - This shade is probably my ideal. Its a super cool toned pink with lilac tones to it. Very lovely.

- Cremesheen Glass in Colour Saturation (Limited Edition) - This shade packs a good punch! I like this either alone or layered with Rebel.

- Dazzleglass in Boys Go Crazy (Limited Edition) - There are so many things about this that I love. Its purple. Its super glittery. Overall, its just fun!


Amplified Cremes:

My collection of Amplified Cremes is slowly growing; I have my eye on more than a few in the permanent range as well!

- Saint Germain - Pale but bold and packs a great amount of pigment. I couple this with a similar liner to improve the application. This is the essence of girly.

- Up The Amp - Reviewed here. This shade is going to be used almost on the daily come fall. I'm really glad I finally picked this up. 

- Viva Glam Nicki 2 - Reviewed here. Not the most wearable shade for everyday, but works well with almost anything I pair it with. And when I'm feeling super bold, it packs a good amount of color!


While Cremesheens aren't exactly my favorite finish from  MAC, I sure do have a lot of them! I feel like this year, the finish has shown a good amount of improvement - I hope that is a reflection of whats to come!

- Boyfriend Stealer (Limited Edition) - Reviewed here. I'm a sucker for super vampy shades, but the sheerness to this made it more wearable. 

- Cremecup - Despite being a bit drying, this is probably one of my most worn lipsticks. It literally goes with EVERYTHING!

- Lavender Whip (Limited Edition) - Reviewed here. I fought tooth and nail to get my hands on this shade (On the first day of the launch, no less!). 100% worth the fight.

- Outrageously Fun (Limited Edition) - This shade set the bar much higher for Cremesheens. Long wear, super even and hardly dried my lips, and not to mention how pretty it is!

- Shy Girl - Every once in a while I'm feeling a coral. This is as close as I can get. Shy Girl has its place. 

- Raspberry Swirl (Limited Edition) - Reviewed here. I went back and forth about this one before I bought it. Its like Saint Germain's sheerer sister.


I LOATHE sparkly lipsticks. So 80's passe! But if its so fine that it looks like a shine rather than a shimmer, I'm all for it.

Angel - Like Cremecup, I get so much wear out of this shade because of the neutrality of it. Its just easy!

Bombshell - Another case of the shade I wanted even more because of the name. Its the perfect summer pink! My sister tends to steal this shade from me on quite a regular basis.


I really didn't understand Glazes at first. They're sheer and subtle, which in my mind was so the opposite of what I wanted in a lipstick! Turns out, they have their place.

- Beauty (Limited Edition) - Very pale, but sheer, white pink. I've worn this on its own, but it really shines when layered with other products.

- Hue - THE nude. Gives me a nude lip without giving me a zombie lip or being to brown.

- Pervette - Probably the most unique lipstick that I own. A very light lavender with an opalescent quality to it. I bought it on a whim and I'm glad that I did.


Have we spotted my least favorite finish? Lustres have their place, but for that short of a wear time I'll wait for a super unique shade and get more dupeable shades from drugstore ranges with similar finishes like the Revlon Lip Butters.

- Lovelorn - The shade, given needing frequent reapplication, is very pretty. It tends to garner a lot of compliments.


I love my mattes, and MAC has a great matte formula. They hardly dry my lips out at all!

- Diva - Reviewed here. This shade never fails to make me feel glamorous. Not to mention, I can make it through quite a lengthy day with minimal upkeep.

- Heroine (Limited Edition) - Reviewed here. When this was repromoted after I missed out on it last year, I knew that I needed it; and the compliments that I get when I wear it just seal the deal.

- Pink Plaid - Easy to wear and classic. If you found Revlon Pink Pout too sheer, you'll love this one!

- Please Me - This shade reads warmer on me than most, but in a good way. Its a great shade for the changing seasons.

- Strong Woman - I feel like this shade was very under-appreciated when it was launched late last year. I just love it. Its like if Heroine and Rebel had a baby.

- Viva Glam 1 - This was my Holiday lip for 2012. Any Christmas event I was at, this was too!


If you love MAC's Matte formula, the Satin formula will not be too far behind. It imparts only a slight sheen for me, while maintaining the phenomenal wear time of the mattes!

- Myth - The only opaque nude that I own. With the right look, it sings!

- Daddy's Little Girl (Limited Edition) - Reviewed here. This was the showstopper of the Archie's Girls collection. Phenomenal!

- Pink Nouveau - This was my first MAC lipstick and too this day, my biggest compliment getter.

- Rebel - This shade can be blamed for my berry obsession. The first time I wore this, I felt like a total bombshell!

- Snob - Reviewed here. Pink, pastel, girly and opaque. This shade probably gets the most use out of my collection; its just SO me!


I wish Mattenes were part of the permanent range. They have glorious color payoff, but wear so comfortably!

- Fresh Amour (Limited Edition) - Literally lavender. No ifs ands or buts about it. A bit avant garde, but when I found this at a CCO, I just HAD to have it.

- Nocturnal Instincts (Limited Edition) - Probably my most worn lip product of the winter of 2012-2013. I'm now seeing how little I have left and I'm going into "use sparingly" mode. I just love it. Its the perfect mauve for my skin. Super cool toned and work appropriate while maintaining my love of a bold lip. I adore this shade!

Phew! I know by this time in a few months, this post will seriously need some updating, so stay tuned for a part two eventually! Let me know what other parts of my collection you guys would like me to swatch out and feature!

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