ULTA Haul with GWP!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

On my way home from work this afternoon I stopped into ULTA and found out they were running a GWP Sale. With any purchase of $19.50 or more from ULTA's range, you can receive one of four 10 piece gift bags in the choice of two styles and four different bags as well as your choice of an ULTA single eyeshadow and ULTA eyeliner. I thought it was a pretty great deal, so I decided to check out what ULTA's rage had to offer. I decided on the ULTA Professional 6 Piece Brush set which retails for $25.

The brush set comes with a silver, quilted, zippered clutch that was intended to store the brushes. However, there are no individual brush holders in the clutch, but I will definitely find myself using this; just maybe not for the intended purpose. 

All of the brushes are synthetic and they have white handles with icy blue bristles. Included are a blush brush, foundation brush, eyeshadow brush, crease brush and smudger brush. All of the brushes are average length and at first touch feel soft. I will be including a separate review of the brushes as a whole rather than separately, as they are only sold in this set.

Onto the GWP! There were four bags to choose from and I decided on the "pink bloom print". Shocker, huh? For my free shadow and liner I chose the Glittering Sand single eyeshadow and the Kohl Liner in Smoky Gray, which was not available online.

There were two different options as to what kind of bag was available; both a cool (pinks) and warm (corals) option. Pinker shades tend to flatter me more, so I went with it! The bag includes a Lipstick in the shade Precious Pink, a Super Shiny Lipgloss in the shade Starlet, a Cheek Color blush in Infatuation, a Nail Lacquer in Fuchsiamania, the Amped Lashes Mascara, the Ultimate Clean Foaming Face Wash and a trio of brushes (A contour blush brush, sponge tip brush and a shadow brush). All products are available for purchase separately (minus the brushes I believe) so I will be reviewing them as such.

While I was in the store, I made sure I picked up a couple other things that I've been wanting, which were separate from the GWP; Zoya Pixiedust Nail Lacquer in Vespa, Smashbox Double Ended Lip Enhancing Gloss in Luxe/Catwalk and NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Lavender.

At the register, I was told that I save over $120 dollars through this promotion! Great deal - Check it out!


  1. Americans have such cool things haah I'm jealous!

    I really like your blog. Now following you on GFC.
    Would mean a lot if you could check out my blog too :) Who knows, maybe even follow if you like it? =D

    Looking forward to your next post! xx


    1. Thank you so much, sweetheart! I primarily follow through Bloglovin, so I followed your blog on there!

      And trust me, we Americans get jealous of the things you get in the UK too! If I see one more post about the Rimmel Apocalips I'm probably going to cry lol!

  2. The color of that smashbox gloss is very pretty! Do you plan on doing a review? Would love to see what you think/swatches!

    1. Oh, absolutely! This one is my second lip duo from Smashbox - I have the Aura/Mulberry duo from a kit I received by the brand - and I loved it, which was why I purchased this one. I'm working on testing it now and ideally, I will have the review up by Thursday!

    2. Great! Can't wait to read it! :)


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