Review - Illamasqua Powder Eye Shadow in CanCan

Monday, March 4, 2013

Illamasqua has quickly become one of my favorite brands. Given, they're not on every corner here in the states as of yet, I find that their product is innovative, pigmented and quality across the board. This isn't a brand that is putting out everything you've seen before and while they can get a bit avant-garde or editorial, that may be where the allure lies. I find myself a bit thrilled whenever they release something new, though I'm still working through their permanent line.

That being said, I try to go the Illamasqua route when I'm craving color.

CanCan is referred to as a "matte violet" by Sephora. Its like an amped up lavender and is most definitely matte. Given the fact that purple hued shades such as this usually offend in pigmentation, I had no dupes in my collection. Everything was either far to lavender or more plum/cranberry than anything. CanCan swatches a bit more sheer than it applies and is ever so slightly powdery. Applying this over a white matte base (i.e. NYX Milk) achieves some in your face pigmentation. It is most definitely a fun shade, but it proves to be wearable across a range of skin tones, It doesn't get lost on any skin because of the vibrancy to it. And I definitely subscribe to the belief that purple looks phenomenal with any eye color.



- Strong pigment.
- Versatile across different skin tones.
- Applies and layers well.


 - A touch powdery.

I enjoyed working with this shade, and even though it isn't in my daily routine, it was a good buy. 


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