Review - Maybelline Color Sensational High Shine Gloss in Raspberry Reflections

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Most of the time, I'm not all that much of a gloss person.  Not that I don't adore how it looks; rather I crave the longevity that (most) lipstick gives. But this range was too pretty, I decided to give in and deal with some reapplication.

Raspberry Reflections is a pinkish violet with only a very small amount of discernible shimmer. While it doesn't read quite as bright on the lips as it does in the tube, it still has a major amount of color impact, enough to surprise me.

The formula is actually quite impressive to me. Its thick without being sticky and has a plush feel on the lips; not plumping, but there's definitely something there. It feels like it wraps the lips rather than just sitting on top of them. 

The wear time of this gloss beats out most others in my collection. I get an average of 2 hours at the most with glosses, and while at the 2 hour mark the shine of this started to fade a bit, the color was still there; and strong! While these aren't marketed as a stain gloss, they did in fact leave a stubborn, but really pretty and even, stain on my lips. I was shocked, but in a good way. I could deal with the shine wearing off if there was still a good amount of color left behind. 

Given the shine does wear of in the average amount of time for a lipgloss, the product does have the high, vinyl shine that it claims to have, while not being too thin in consistency.

It does have a scent, which is kind of fruit punch-y which does linger. It wasn't a total deal breaker for me when I wore it, but there have been other times where my medication is bothering me and I just can't deal with fragranced/flavored products like this.


Pros - 

- Longer than average wear time
- Great color payoff
- Vinyl shine
- Comfortable consistency.

- Strong fragrance/flavor

- Not marketed as a stain, although left a stubborn stain on my lips.

I'm really happy with this shade overall, and I've already purchased another in the range. My only qualm is that the shade range is too small; and too warm for that  matter. There aren't several colors which I'm drawn to. Overall, Maybelline has a pretty great formula on their hands and would benefit from expanding the shade range.


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  1. this is such a gorgeous color.. i love how you described the formula of this product too!

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