Review - Flower Cosmetics Easy on the Eyes Long Wear Eyeliner in Aubergine

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I just love Drew Barrymore. Something about her as an actress; shes both talented and genuine. Naturally, when I heard word of her cosmetics line, I had to get in on it!

The swatch on the left is lightly built up and the swatch on the right is one pass. Aubergine is a blackened plum with warm tones to it. Its one of those "colored liners for people who don't do colored liner" shades. I wore it with a very neutral eye for a little bit of character and it was very subtle. 

The pigment of this liner actually surprised me, as I normally do not have a whole lot of luck with drugstore eyeliners. It defined my waterline with not very much work and did not tug or pull. As habit, I always set my liner with a correlating powder eyeshadow, and I saw very little migrating of this product, which I even get from higher end liners. 

My only complaint goes along with this type of product in general. I don't particularly like automatic pencils. I feel that they are flimsy and more difficult to work with. This one "sharpens" quite quickly and its easy to accidentally sharpen/retract the liner while using it. It also makes it feel a little shaky. I find that automatic pencils in general are so much more prone to breaking, so it is a touch bothersome.


- Longwearing.
- Neutral take on a "fashion color"
- Cruelty free.

- Automatic pencil, flimsy packaging.

It is a pretty solid liner across the board, I just wish it was in a pencil form rather than an automatic pencil form. The formula is definitely top notch, and I'm strongly considering revisiting the brand.


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