Review - Urban Decay Eyeshadow in SWF

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I'm on the hunt for a pale pink eyeshadow that I love. Maybe its mostly because I'm quite fair skinned with pink tones already, but I've yet to have much luck. Its been a struggle, because this one still isn't it.

Urban Decay describes this shade as a "Pale cotton candy pink with silver micro-glitter", which is what you see in the pan, but not particularly on the skin. The swatch does lean more pink than the actual application on the eye. It reads more like a white with pink tones to it. While its not the least pigmented eyeshadow I have, its not 100% on par with the rest of UD's shadows as a whole. It is somewhat sheer in the swatch, and sheers out a good deal on the eye. The fallout is better than UD's old formulation of shadows with micro-glitter (I have an old Midnight Cowboy that gives me trouble) but it still finds itself sprinkled on my cheekbones and under my eyes despite my precaution/ability. Its overall a bit of a pain in the tail to work with.


- Can be layered with other shadows for a unique look.


- Fall out
- Quite sheer
- Not true to pan color.

This one was a miss for me. I may try to foil it with a mixing medium or apply it over an opaque white tacky base, but on its own its not 100% worth it.


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