Review - Maybelline ColorSensational Vivids Lipsick in Brazen Berry.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

I found the Vivids line at my local Walgreens before I saw them in the beauty blogosphere. That literally NEVER happens to me; which makes nearly no sense (I live in the Orlando area for goodness sake!) and it hasn't happened since. Brazen Berry was the first shade I picked up of the line, and have subsequently picked up two more.

Brazen Berry is a shade that you don't see too much in a drugstore range. It is a hybrid of a violet and a berry. It doesn't read quite as purple on the lip as it does in the packaging. I didn't really have any dupes in my collection, surprisingly, as this kind of color is right up my alley. Its bright and bold but its not completely avant-garde; there's some wearability to it (and I definitely got quite a few compliments when I wore it).

I'm no stranger to Maybelline's ColorSensational range; I have quite a few, and I tend to get the same amount of wear time by color family across the board. For darker shades like this, I get a little bit more wear time, but nothing outstanding. This wore for 2 hours before it started to show signs of fading, but it still left a bit of color and it does stain a bit. I ended up reapplying after about 3 hours and after lunch. 

Maybelline markets the Vivid's line as highly pigmented and bright; they are in bright hues, so I'll give them that, but they are not as strong in pigment as I anticipated. It took a couple passes to get opacity and intensity. Maybe it's the cream formula that Maybelline has; I feel like if these were matte they would be incredibly intense. 



- Unique drugstrore shade.
- Creamy finish.
- Wearable take on violet.


- Short wear time.
- Smell (I HATE the way the ColorSensational range smells)

Brazen Berry was a good alternative to higher end lipsticks for a shade you may not wear to much, but you're going to have to deal with some reapplication.



  1. brazen berry is the sheerest of the vivids. i have 7 of them and this was the one I least liked. i recommend hot plum, the exact same color on lips and brighter

  2. this looks like a GORGEOUS shade! i have to pick this one up :)

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