Review - Too Faced Naked Eye Palette

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I didn't buy this for the longest time because I have so. many. freaking. neutrals.

I had a moment of weakness and its so cool toned and I gave in...

As per most Too Faced Palettes up until 2013 This is cased in a cardboard palette with flip top. It contains three large "base" shades and six remaining smaller sized shades. Also, the "how to get the look cards are included

From left to right the "Day" look is:

- In The Buff: Sephora calls this one a "matte ivory". For a matte it has decent pigment and it makes a good matte brow highlight.

- Pillow Talk -  a "light taupe sheen" which is pretty accurate. I like that it has a slight sheen but it isn't overly frosty, but the pigmentation could have been a touch better. 

- Like A Virgin - this is a "matte taupe". Its a browner take on taupe, but the pigmentation to this one is actually pretty great.

From left to right the "Classic" look is; 

- Birthday Suit - is a "beige shimmer". This shade had the chance to be phenomenal due to the hue of it alone, but it was super stiff. I might try to apply it wet or with a mixing medium. I was kinda bummed.

- Satin Sheets - is described as a "golden champagne shimmer" but it looks quite pink in the thats what I thought I was going to get. On the skin, its a little bit lighter than similar shades like UD Sin, etc.

- Unmentionables - this is a "steel gray shimmer". Its a darker toned gray so it doesn't pull too blue on me and was nice to work with.

Left to right the "Fashion" look is;

- Pink Cheeks - called a "pale pink" but its more or less the color of my skin. This one was matte and stiff and pretty disappointing. 
- Lap Dance - This one redeems any shade that I've complained about its a "silvery taupe shimmer" and super buttery and a dream to work with. I don't need any more taupes, but I'm definitely getting use out of this one.
- Stiletto - described as a "matte black" but its not the blackest black I have. Its more of a very blackened brown, but I'm okay with that as I've been all over shades like that as of late. It swatched a bit dry but blended easily on the eye.

Overall - 2 duds, 2 showstopping shades and the rest were on par with Too Faced's normal formula. In hindsight, it isn't the most incredible palette in my collection, but it does have its place.


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