Review - Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush in Exposed

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

If you're an avid follower of beauty blogs in general, there are going to be those shades that you hear everyone musing about. This is one of them. After seeing Exposed on so many different blogs, I gave in and picked one up. And I'm totally okay with that.

Tarte calls Exposed a "nude" but its a little bit more than that. It is a nude with rosy pink tones to it and is very healthy looking on the skin. It is basically a matte, though some may argue that there is a very small amount of a sheen to it. 

I had one similar blush in my collection; MAC The Perfect Cheek from the Marilyn Monroe collection, which was limited edition.

Exposed is on the left and The Perfect Cheek is on the right. While I loved The Perfect Cheek, Exposed does have superior color payoff. It is also slightly pinker and a touch warmer. However, on the cheek they do achieve a very similar look, so Exposed could be a great buy if you're kicking yourself about missing out on The Perfect Cheek (I fought tooth and nail for that one too!)

I'm not a stranger to Tarte's blushes, as I've previously reviewed Natural Beauty, and the performance of this shade is on par with that one. While the wear time isn't exactly 12 hours as it claims (which is kind of a ridiculous claim to begin with) it is definitely longer wearing than other blushes in my stash. For such a natural shade as well, it had phenomenal color payoff, but it differs from shades like Natural Beauty in that it isn't quite as easy to overdo this shade. I can use a heavier hand and still look glowy and healthy rather than glamorous and that is what I like about this shade. 

I like Tarte quite a bit as a whole because I like knowing what I am putting on my skin. Also, they are cruelty free, which is always a step in the right direction. 



- Great color payoff.
- Natural finish/glow.
- Healthy ingredients for the skin.
- Longer than average wear time.
- Cruelty Free


- Does not meet wear claim.

While I am taking a 0.5 of a point off for the fact that this does not hit it's 12-hour (ridiculous) wear claim, I'm still categorizing this as a recommended product. I love it, I use it a whole lot and it makes me want more from the range. I already have Exposed, Natural Beauty, Fantastic, Magic, Stellar and Angelic (the last four being smaller sizes that were included in the holiday Blush Enthusiasts set) and am strongly considering purchasing Blushing Bride.

9.5/10 Recommended. 

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