Review - Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso

Monday, March 4, 2013

My skin is cooler toned than anything, so peaches and corals have an allure to me, but I oftentimes keep them at arms length. Many read too warm, but I've got it down to a science as to the ones that will flatter me.  The more neutral toned the better, and Luminoso was one of my first blushes that really wasn't,

The left swatch is built up and the right is blended out. Luminoso is a baked blush, a variety that I don't really have all too many of. They're all gorgeous to look at with the veining; like a work of art almost. Milani describes Luminoso as a "Luminous Peach", but it does read a bit coral, as it lacks enough pink to be considered a peach. A light coral, if you will. 

This blush is So. Incredibly. Pigmented. Even for such a light shade, just a bit will be okay for my skin, and it was a little bit easy to overdo. I'd much rather, however have a product that is pigmented rather than something I have to gouge out of the pan. 

My only complaint is the glitter. Its ever so slightly gritty; not the worst glitter blush I've dealt with, but my pores don't need any more attention. On most days its workable, but there are some days where my skin is just not having it.

I don't have a huge collection of blushes in this kind of shade but I did feel that Benefit Coralista was worth swatching next to Luminoso, just to see if they were dupes. 

Luminoso is on the left and Benefit Coralista is on the right. I was a bit surprised that Luminoso was a bit more, erm..coral, than Coralista. Its like Coralista's slightly darker cousin. I do prefer the finish of Coralista to Luminiso, because it is a sheen rather than a shimmer.



- Highly pigmented
- Average wear time
- Budget friendly, good amount of product


- Slightly gritty and glittery.

If you don't really have a pore problem, I say go for it. Luminoso is a great budget buy and you'll definitely get a good amount of use from it, especially since the warmer months are coming up. As for me, I've already picked up Fantastico Mauve (awaiting review) and have my eye on Berry Amore.


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