Review - Tarina Tarantino Eye Dream Highlight Duo in Iris Plume/Moon Opal

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I purchased this product when Tarina Tarantino was exiting Sephora, as it was 40% off. It is still available through the company's actual website.  In hindsight, if the quality is similar across the board, I wish I had picked up much more.

First off, the packaging is adorable. Its a super sturdy oval shaped compact (mirror included) with a reflective finish that doesn't hold fingerprints too badly. There isn't a well for a brush or anything (thank goodness) so there isn't much wasted space. The design reflects Tarina Tarantino's jewelry designs, and I think it's super cute. (Tarina Tarantino is primarily a jewelry brand.)

There is a decent amount of product included in this duo, and as I mentioned before, not a lot of wasted space and for only $19, it really isn't a bad value at all. 

Iris Plume is on the left and Moon Opal on the right.

The brand refers to Iris Plume as a "lilac". I feel it is a bit to brown to be a lilac, more along the lines of a gray taupe. It has a shimmer finish (sans any type of glitter, just a strong sheen) and was incredibly buttery, pigmented and blendable.

Moon Opal is described as a "soft pink". Its more of a very cool toned champagne. It had phenomenal quality across the board, as  Iris Plume did, but I found this one to be a bit more versatile. It can be applied with a light hand as a brow bone highlight (at least on fairer tones like mine) but it has more pigmentation that nearly anything I own in this shade family. I've built it up for bolder/more editorial looks, but I've also been able to wear this one one of those "I don't really want to look like I'm wearing makeup" days. 

I think that the versatility is what makes this product so incredible. I'm going to get use out of it, one way or another, and in this case, it's both. The best of both worlds. Longevity was average. It didn't wear incredible hours, but wasn't creasing or fading too early by anyone's standards.



- Versatility
- Great pigmentation of both shades.
- Blendable and soft.
- Two large shadows for $19; good value.


- Difficult to locate as of now.

I'm still kicking myself for buying out my local Sephora's entire section of this brand. I purchased this at 40% off, but it is quite worth the full retail price.

10/10 Recommended. 

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