Review - Urban Decay Feminine Palette

Monday, March 4, 2013

I've had this palette in circulation for some time now so its beyond due for a review! I was all over these when they first released so the fact that this has been in my "to be reviewed folder" for so long kinda shocks me.

The first row left to right is;

- Bordello: Sephora calls this a "pale mauve shimmer with gold microglitter", which is pretty spot on. It has decent pigmentation but the glitter fall-out was a little disappointing. It needs a tacky base. This is part of the permanent line.

- Skimp: This one is a "light peachy pearl". It is fairly similar to my skin tone, but it makes a great natural brow highlight. It doesn't have a whole lot of shimmer. This is a limited edition shade, but its pretty dupeable.

- AC/DC: Sephora describes this shade as a "smoky grayish purple shimmer" and I probably couldn't have described it better. This one is very pigmented and buttery, and is one of my favorites in this palette. This shade is part of the permanent line.

The second row left to right is;

- Gunmetal: This is a "dark metallic gray with silver micro-glitter". I already had this included in the Naked Palette and didn't notice a difference between the two. Out of Urban Decay's glitter finish eyeshadows, this shade gave me least amount of fallout. This is part of the permanent range.

- Hijack : This one is called a "deep metallic teal shimmer". It reads more to the blue side of teal than the green side of teal. It does have a decent amount of pigment and is very vibrant, but its not the 100% most pigmented shadow by UD in my collection. This shade is in the permanent range.

- Lost: This is a "medium metallic brown shimmer" and is GLORIOUS. This shade is my favorite in the bunch. Its buttery, pigmented and super blendable. 

There were no compete duds in this palette, but I felt that Bordello was slightly sub-par. AC/DC and Lost were complete showstoppers.

The packaging overall is cute. I like the designs and accents but I could have done without the zipper case; the zipper gets stuck on me often

This palette also came with a mini Lip Junkie in the shade Wallflower, which I intend to review separately. 


 - No "duds".
 - AC/DC and Lost were phenomenal.
 - Mix of neutrals and brights.

 - Bordello had glitter fallout.
 - Zipper tends to stick.

I like the feel to this palette. Its feminine (as its namesake) and romantic and girly. 


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