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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I promised myself that I didn't need this for months on end because I already had so many neutrals. But I caved...and I'm so thrilled that I did.

The palette itself is long, but it is SUPER thin. I found it really easy to store; and I don't really have much storage space to begin with.

There are sixteen shades in this palette; 8 mattes (top row) and 8 shimmers (bottom row)

From left to right;

- White - Matte white and literally the best white eyeshadow I've found to date. 
- Cream - Very close to the shade of my skin, slightly paler. Makes a good base. Matte.
- Taupe  - Its more of a brown than a taupe in my opinion, but it has just the right amount of neutrality to it. Matte.
- Light Pink - I promise, it's there. My camera doesn't pick it up well but it actually has a decent amount of pigment for how pale it is. Matte.

- Mauve - Matte slightly grayish mauve. Stunning on the lid.
- Sable - Neutral dark brown matte. Super pigmented.
- Espresso - Cool dark brown matte. I've used this in the crease several times already as well as the lower lashline. Great pigmentation.
- Black - Its not the most intense black in my collection but more of a super dark charcoal gray matte. Nice and smokey. 

- Nude - Pale icy nude. Great highlight. Shimmer.
- Champagne - Tan champagne. Its what I wanted Too Faced Birthday Suit to be with far better pigment.
- Gold - Its like UD Half Baked on crack. The pigment of this one is out of this world.
- Light Bronze - A pale, yellow gold. Makes a nice warmer base.

- Pewter - Cool toned and kinda taupe-y. Very sophisticated.
- Garnet - Swatch does not do it justice. Its more copper in person and has phenomenal pigmentation.
- Deep Purple - Same goes for this shade. It is a blackened purple, but not too plummy. Its crazy pigmented; I needed a feather light hand to keep this from being too smoky.
- Slate - Gray with blue-ish undertones. Its like UD Gunmetal without the micro-glitter fallout.

I now understand the hype about this product. The pigmentation and quality is literally top notch. I've had this for about a week and a half now and waited to review it until I gave it a thorough testing; truth is, there are so many possible looks with this palette. There is such a good mix of mattes and shimmers, and warms and cools. I was able to create looks ranging from a jeans and a band tee day to a sultry night out look. If you're splitting hairs, its not 100% neutral, given the pink, purple and mauve, but there subtle enough to be seen as such.



- Large shade range
- Mattes and shimmers
- 16 included shades
- Incredible formula

This palette makes me want to try more by Lorac and I HIGHLY recommend it.

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