Review - Maybelline ColorSensational Vivids Lipstick in Hot Plum.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

If I wear any form of hot pink or fuchsia on my lips to work, you better know that I'm getting compliments. My colleagues know I'm no stranger to a bold lip, but they collectively categorized this shade as my "best yet". (Which was previously MAC Pink Nouveau) I felt like a total bombshell in this shade.

Oh and by the way - I'm LOVING the contrast to my backdrop in this photo. So spring chic!

Hot Plum is a bright, cool toned fuchsia-pink. I feel like it treads into MAC Girl About Town territory, but I haven't been able to swatch them side by side. Hot Plum may be a touch more intense.

I previously reviewed Brazen Berry here, but I did notice some slight differences between the two. First off, Hot Plum had more initial color intensity than Brazen Berry; it didn't need to be built up quite as much. Also, Hot Plum lasted much longer; minus lunch, I probably could have made it 4 hours before I really needed to reapply (and we all know I'm a chronic lipstick applier) which was about twice the time than Brazen Berry. It left a stain that was true to the color on my lips, neither lighter nor darker, and with a little work I was able to get the stain to come off before I retired for the night. 

I do, however, have two complaints. Across the board I entirely LOATHE Maybelline's fragrance/flavor in their ColorSensational lipsticks. Its really chemical-y and just...yuck. Thats more of a complaint across the board. Also, I found this shade drying by about the 5-6 hour of wear. It wasn't the worst drying I've experienced, but for being decently hydrated, my lips shouldn't try to peel/chap like that.


- Color intensity.
- Average to long wear.
- True to color stain.

- Drying
- Fragranced. 

Longevity, pigment and true to "pan" color are, in my opinion, what makes a good lipstick. I can deal with a bit of drying and Maybelline's horrendous fragrance, because in all reality its a really great lipstick. And a definite compliment getter. 


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