Review - L'Oreal Infallible 24 Hour Eye Shadow in Golden Emerald

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Within the last year or so, the L'Oreal Infallible 24 Hour Eye Shadow range as a whole has set the bar high for drugstore eye shadows in general.  I've picked up several of these and had success with almost all. However..

Golden Emerald is a medium toned sage green with golden glitter/shimmer. Its beautiful both in the pan and in the swatch. I used this shadow, with high hopes, for my St. Patrick's day look.

Its a good thing I was only out for an hour or two on St. Patrick's day, because that was all this lasted. I don't know what happens between the swatch and the application on the eye, but something went horribly awry. What you get in the swatch is intense color payoff which doesn't migrate. On the eye, no matter what brush I used (minus applying it wet) it was incredibly sheer; it took some work to build it up, which was not what I expected from swatching this. There was also some glitter fallout, which I've never experienced from this range before and given it wasn't the worst fallout I've dealt with before, it was still there.

My biggest complaint was the longevity. I wore this with primer, as is my normal application, and over two Urban Decay mattes, which wear pretty long on me. I left the house, went out shopping with my mom, and when I arrived home there was already creasing and fading. It had only been like 4 hours after application, tops! I was so disappointed, as this shade is just so beautiful. 



- Mix of cooler tones and gold microglitter made for a universally flattering shade.


- Sheer application.
- Short wear time; both creased and faded by 4 hours.
- Microglitter caused fall-out.

I was honestly really bummed about how this performed. Given, this does not reflect the rest of the range; I just expected MUCH better from this shade. I may try it with a mixing medium or a really tacky base to see if I get better performance from it, but on it's own Golden Emerald was kind of a dud.


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